A short description in English.


»All Cretan are liars«

(Epimenides, 6./7. Century B. C.)


»dieter-w-albrecht.de« contains some examples of my works in:

 music, audio dramatisation, novels.

Follow the hyperlink Archiv (archive) to:

Musik (music),

Hörspiel (audio dramatisation),

Text (novels).


The audio samples in the page »Hörspiel« are presentations of situations »filtrated«

 through the point of view of a person (or a machine simulates a human being).

These parts will give an impression of the attitude.


What is a manuscript?


One of my interest in music is: what is timing in music?

On »Grundlagen« (substructures) I try to edit some questions around my works.


Dieter W. Albrecht 2013


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